Terry Lee Flenory: Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family & Facts

Terry Lee Flenory biography

Terry Lee Flenory is a businessman from Detroit, Michigan. He co-founded the clothing line “Dirty South” along with his brother Demetrius (also known as Big Meech). The two started selling clothes out of their home in 1997 until they opened up shops all over town and eventually moved into luxury housing developments.

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Terry Lee Flenory is a famous American entrepreneur, businessman, and drug dealer from Detroit who has been featured in the media for his older brother Big Meech’s illegal activities. He serves as an example that even if you’re not part of those things yourself it doesn’t mean they won’t affect your life too!

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Terry Lee Flenory Wiki/Biography

Terry Lee Flenory was born on Monday, January 10th in 1972 in Detroit, Michigan to a mixed African descent family. His age is 50 years old as of 2022.

Terry celebrates his birthday on the 10th of every year and has graduated from high school. He then went into the illegal drug business with his brother, for which they have made a lot of money.

Flenory is a businessman in the United States and his real name is Terry P.O. Lee Flenory, which he goes by as Southwest T on Instagram.

Real Full NameTerry P.O. Lee Flenory
Other namesTerry Lee Flenory
NicknameSouthwest T
Terry Flenory
Date Of BirthJanuary 10th in 1972 (Monday)
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
Age50 Years Old (as in 2022)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EthnicityMixed African Descent
OccupationDrug Dealer, Entrepreneur, and Businessman
SchoolLocal High School
HometownDetroit, Michigan, United States
Education QualifyingGraduate
Organization NameBlack Mafia Family (BMF)
Net Worth$300 million (approx)

Early Life and Education

Terry Lee Flenory spent most of his childhood in Detroit, Michigan with his younger brother Demetrius (Meech). According to sources, they both claim their parents raised them to be independent individuals who were taught to do things their own way. Flenory and his brother grew up in the inner city, but they didn’t really have any problems with becoming criminals like their siblings.

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When growing up, Terry was described as a kid who never cried or got into trouble at school or anywhere else; he was cool and collected whenever anything happened. He wasn’t an overachiever but he wasn’t a complete failure either. He didn’t really stand out as anything special and was just considered to be an average student with an average upbringing.

Terry Lee Flenory is said to have gained his knowledge of the business from his father during his childhood, which helped him immensely in building many clothing stores that he and his brother decided to open up in the 1990s.

Drug Empire & Arrest

After graduating from high school, Terry continued taking college courses and starting a family. The two brothers spent many years growing their drug empire and moving up in the business world as well as into general society. They opened stores all over town and eventually began selling out of their own homes. Eventually, they both decided to move into luxury housing developments and even started living in gated communities.

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As many can tell you, the drug business really paid off for the two brothers. They used the money from drugs to invest in businesses all over town which eventually grew into a six-figure empire. To this day it’s unknown how much money the two brothers have made but whatever it is, they definitely would be considered rich.

Terry Lee Flenory has never been known to do drugs himself, he only sells them, which possibly makes him even more dangerous than his brother who has admitted to at least using some marijuana before. Little else is known about Terry’s personal life, although many speculate that his wife knows about his illegal business but obviously she would never even consider leaving him or reporting anything to the police because of how dangerous it could be for them both.

On September 14th, 2007 Terry Lee Flenory was arrested along with around 30 other people in an FBI raid. He was charged with drug trafficking and conspiracy to sell narcotics in a massive sting operation that brought down the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Flenory was never known to be violent, even though it’s believed he has killed, but authorities believed his arrest could lead them to bigger targets who are more dangerous.

Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth

According to some sources, Terry Lee Flenory has gained around $300 million during his time in the drug trade business. It’s unknown where he got it all from but it certainly makes him even richer than his brother who is said to be worth around $200 million.

Many people who knew them growing up say that while they were good kids, they never expected them to get so rich and successful. They were both nice guys who nobody ever suspected would get into the drug business but it seems like Terry took it even farther than his brother did.

It’s not known how much Terry Lee Flenory is worth today or if he has any assets left that he can access while he is in federal prison. Many criminals lose almost everything they own after being convicted of a serious crime, which makes sense because it’s probably not legal to use the money that was made through illegal means to live freely for the rest of your life.

Whatever his current net worth is, it’s without a doubt down significantly from what once was hundreds of millions of dollars. There’s been no mention of him having a wife or kids, although many people assume he has at least one child from the few photos online which show what might be a son.

Terry Lee Flenory Business

There aren’t many details about Terry’s business available online, although it seems like he was using his college to start working for this company. He probably worked with whatever drug culture there is in Detroit and managed to make sure the distribution process went as smooth as possible.

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It might have been one of those things where he was the leader of a group that distributed drugs to other people who would then go and sell them as quickly as possible. This might have been more of a secondary source of income for him, although it managed to bring in more than enough money for him to live comfortably both during college and after graduation.

Terry Lee Flenory House

There’s been no mention of property owned by Terry Lee Flenory, although that might be because he wasn’t able to keep his assets. He was a leader of the organization and people who worked for him would have done anything they were told as long as it meant earning a lot more money.

For example, if someone paid them $5,000 for their involvement and the rest went to Terry Flenory then that would be enough reason for them to keep earning money until they got caught. Not only that but the actual leader of the organization probably wouldn’t let him keep whatever was left of his assets because there’s no way someone could accumulate such a large amount of money without it being noticed.

It’s possible that Flenory fled the country to avoid jail time and left behind everyone he knew which would make it difficult for him to live comfortably in any other part of the world.

Terry Lee Flenory Leadership Skills

There aren’t any specific details available about Terry Flenory and how he learned to run such a successful drug ring but it allowed him to work from home which is definitely a plus for anyone who knows what they’re doing. He might have even gotten some of his employees addicted to drugs which would help them make more money and keep them motivated on the job.

Many people speculate that he has been slowly poisoning his own customers, although this hasn’t been confirmed and most of the people who worked for him said they had no idea what they were getting into when they accepted a job offer.

Terry Lee Flenory Personal Life

There aren’t any pictures or interviews online that give us an insight into Terry Lee Flenory’s personal life, although we know he has one because of his profession. It seems like he’s in a federal prison somewhere but it might be possible for him to get out with the right connections and enough money.

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When it comes to his social life or lack thereof, he might be in prison which would make it difficult for him to meet people. Most of the time when someone’s in prison they won’t allow other prisoners to come near them because there are so many drugs and weapons in federal facilities that can be used against anyone who seems like they’d be able to defend themselves.

Most people who spend time in federal prison lose their resources and aren’t able to meet many other people because of how divided the prisoners are and how easy it is for them to turn on each other due to all the free time they have.

Terry Lee Flenory Family

Terry, a black family man of African descent and born in December is Christian. According to the media sources, Charles’s dad’s name is Charles Flenory and his mom’s name is Lucille Flenory. He has two siblings named Demetrius and Nicole in the family.

Terry Lee Flenory Mother Lucille Flenory
Terry Lee Flenory Mother Lucille Flenory

He loves spending time with his family members so much, he even found time to post lots of photos on social media with them and show off their holiday snaps. After seeing Terry Lee’s Instagram posts, you can see that he is a very loving person too! His Nephew Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech) is a famous rapper.

Flenory’s With his  Wife Tonesa Welch
Flenory’s With his Wife Tonesa Welch

According to his Instagram profile, Terry Flenory is married and has children with his wife Tonesa Welch. According to our research, Tonesa is an executive producer of NotoriousQueens and a brand influencer.

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Flenory’s Kissing his wife

Terry shared lots of photos with Welch on his social media handles and he also collaborated with many females in the entertainment industry.

Father NameCharles Flenory
Mother NameLucille Flenory
Shelly Meech
Brother NameDemetrius Flenory Jr. (Lil Meech)
Sister NameNicole Flenory
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameTonesa Welch

Terry Lee Flenory Physical Appearance

Terry Lee Flenory is a black male with a lighter complexion. He’s around 5’9″ in height and weighs about 175 pounds. His appearance is said to be average although he has been described as looking slightly larger in recent years, it’s due to his business success rather than anything else.

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In one of the few photos of Flenory that is available online, he looks to be in his 40s and wears a black button-up shirt. Around his waist, he’s wearing a belt with a dragon on it and some shoes similar to what you would see people wear at a day club.

Weight80 kg (in Kg)
176.37 lbs (In Pounds)
Height5’ 8” (in Feet)
1.72m ( in Meters)
172cm (in centimetres)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Terry Lee Flenory Additional Details and Facts

There are very few details about Terry Lee Flenory available online, although most people who have spent time in jail can be found online and it’s almost impossible to catch them all.

He might have been arrested in another country for tax evasion, although that hasn’t been confirmed and we don’t know if something like that would lead to jail time. It seems like he’d much rather escape the country than spend a long amount of time behind bars because he knows how easy it is for someone to get caught when the authorities are looking for them.

Terry Lee Flenory with rapper 50 Cent
Terry Lee Flenory with rapper 50 Cent

There’s no way of knowing what happened to him and we can’t be certain that he won’t return like a phoenix from ashes because that doesn’t seem too far out of his character.

It’ll probably take another person in law enforcement who knows about his case to be able to get him back into the country, although that might not happen for a long time because it isn’t likely for someone like Terry Lee Flenory to be interested in getting caught.

Terry Flenory is also known as Southwest T among his fans, and he has many collaborations with famous rappers and singers. He likes to say that you should walk by faith, not by sight.

Terry Flenory uploaded his first Instagram post on 7 May 2020. He smokes cigars and has launched several brands too.

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FAQ About Terry Lee Flenory

Is Terry Flenory Dead or Still Alive?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Terry Flenory’s current status is unknown. Some believe that he is deceased, while others claim that he is still alive and well. What we do know, however, is that Flenory was incarcerated in 2011 for drug trafficking charges and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Who is Terry Flenory?

Terry Flenory is the co-founder and CEO of Black Mafia Family (BMF), a criminal organization based in Detroit, Michigan.

In 2008, Flenory was convicted on federal charges of drug trafficking and money laundering and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Who are Terry Lee Flenory’s Parents?

Terry Lee Flenory and aka Southwest T’s parents are Lucille and Charles Flenory.

Did Terry Flenory have a son?

Yes, Terry Flenory did have a son. However, the child’s name and current whereabouts are unknown. In 2011, Flenory was sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering charges. As of 2017, he is incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

What is Terry Flenory’s age?

Terry Flenory is 50 years old (as in 2022).

What is Terry Lee Flenory’s Net worth?

Terry Lee Flenory is an American businessman and the co-founder of the Hip-Hop record label Cash Money Records. He has a net worth of $300 million.

When Terry Flenory was arrested?

Terry Flenory was arrested on September 17th, 2008. He was indicted on federal drug trafficking charges and faced a possible life sentence.

When Terry Lee Flenory was released from prison?

Terry Lee Flenory was released from prison on May 5, 2020.

Who is Terry Lee Flenory’s wife?

Terry Lee Flenory’s wife is named Tonesa Welch.

Who is Terry Lee Flenory’s sister?

Terry Lee Flenory’s sister is named Nicole Flenory.

Who Shot Terry Lee Flenory?

Unknown. While theories abound, no one can say for certain who shot Terry Lee Flenory. There are several suspects, but no definitive answer has ever been found.

Was Terry Flenory shot?

No. There is no evidence that Terry Flenory was ever shot.

Why did Big Meech and Terry split?

Big Meech and Terry split because they had different visions for the future of their organization.

Big Meech wanted to keep things running smoothly and stay out of the spotlight, while Terry wanted to expand the business and make more money. When they couldn’t agree on a path forward, they decided to go their separate ways.

Is Terry Flenory one eye blind?

There is no evidence to support the claim that Terry Flenory is blind in one eye. There are, however, reports that allege he has vision problems in his left eye. It’s unclear whether or not these reports are accurate, but if they are true, it’s likely that Flenory’s blindness is due to a genetic condition rather than any sort of injury.

Did Terry Flenory go to college?

It is not clear if Terry Flenory attended college. There are reports that he dropped out of high school, but it is not clear if he ever attended college.

Is Big Meech still rich?

Yes, Big Meech is still rich.
He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering in 2009, but he is expected to make a lot of money while behind bars. His gang, the Black Mafia Family, was responsible for shipping over $270 million worth of cocaine from Atlanta to Detroit.

While in prison, Big Meech has started a rap label called BMF Entertainment and has released dozens of albums. He also continues to run his businesses from behind bars, including a strip club and several nightclubs. So even though he’s not out on the streets making money hand over fist anymore, he’s still doing pretty well for himself.